Map Ranking

Uncle Hub

Uncle Hub
Opponents defeated: 344.882 (19.)
Tribe: $P$

Villages (48) Coordinates Points
001 Four Uncles One Village
519|488 10.211
002 Uncle Hubs Pizza Club
522|487 10.211
003 The Will of the Hub
516|489 10.211
004 Killer Uncle
528|498 10.211
005 Everyone vs $P$
522|485 8.919
006 Swag Uncle
528|499 10.211
007 Western Civil War
523|484 10.211
008 New Queen
520|489 6.684
009 Fifteen Large
526|501 7.493
010 We Hate Diplomacy
529|500 7.354
011 Anxiety Rising
525|497 7.905
012 No Loyalty
527|495 7.037
013 Spies Everywhere
519|487 4.900
014 Welcome to the Jungle
521|511 9.732
015 First Op
523|485 6.207
016 No E-Fans
520|491 5.647
017 Slogging Down South
517|506 8.567
018 Van Slyke
521|491 4.922
019 8th Prime
527|502 5.397
020 Premier League is Back
524|487 7.152
021 First to 100K ?
522|488 4.207
022 The End of a Regime?
518|491 5.036
023 Burn Unit
521|492 4.270
024 Rebirth
516|492 3.733
025 The Hub
526|503 3.752
026 Majestic
529|483 6.738
027 All Out War
524|507 4.479
028 Baited Breath
520|506 2.487
029 Sunday Nap Time
523|506 1.553
030 Disappearing Titus
519|502 1.367
031 Gallium
523|510 929
032 Broken AC
530|500 831
033 Way Too Late
513|489 1.060
034 Late Night Barbs
514|505 871
035 Emoji React Only
522|495 960
036 Economy - Humanity
515|492 766
037 Zoinks
520|493 939
038 Stocks and Brokers
513|491 1.398
039 Just One More
512|500 690
040 Allez Allez Allez
513|492 996
041 Road House
514|493 561
042 Pub Walk
516|493 849
043 Yikes
515|494 818
044 Nate lives here
516|494 700
045 I Declare War!
514|507 781
046 More Nobles
525|491 609
047 Alarm Clocks
521|494 4.518
048 Inactive
521|507 3.957
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Personal text
Lets Get Creepy

Bill | Isaac | Nate | Titus | Will

The Story of Our Stab on 44
so nate and I got together and start coplaying. Chowder admitted to wanting to rim tomarya and river from their backside, and had launched on us a few times
[11:41 AM]
so we made it our lives work to rim him as we were in Tooney family by then
[11:42 AM]
It was tough growing on the rim so had to eat lots of barbs but we did our part with stacking the front and whatnot, trying to be of best help to the tribe.
[11:43 AM]
helesta started capping large amounts of barbs on the northern and western rim by us and we warned our tribe and the allies that we needed to do something about it, but they ignored us til all 200 villas or so were 9k villas
[11:43 AM]
by this time river was shouting for support constantly as well as for money but was also being selfish. Chowder decided to quit and gave his sit to river for some reason
[11:44 AM]
We were at the time in the process of attacking chowder so we asked Tom and River for some of the villas, to which they agreed
[11:44 AM]
we were supposed to get several 9k villas
[11:45 AM]
a week or two later when the internal was gonna happen, they changed their minds and said we could have one 2k point villa
[11:46 AM]
all the while we are trying to meet their demands with support and Tom wasnt oping anyone on the front, he was only nobling barbs in Hub territory so clearly a non threat and not what was needed. Rather than push against helesta, he yelled at me for not doing it while he was nobling barbs.
[11:46 AM]
So around this time we are busting our butt for literally being treated like trash, not something Im about
[11:47 AM]
meanwhile in Tooney
[11:47 AM]
everyone was legit arguing
[11:48 AM]
I was in council chat and there was always drama. For a week they were trying to get members to internal council members
[11:48 AM]
and other leaders were afk
[11:49 AM]
people will say that we begged and shouted for internals to be given to us from inactive members, but really we were the most active account in the tribe by far
[11:49 AM]
and from day 1 we told Viking Power and other council members we didnt want any drama and wouldnt tolerate it
[11:49 AM]
and they told us they would understand if we left if they couldnt sort it out
[11:51 AM]
the amount of infighting that happened was ridiculous
[11:51 AM]
members wouldnt op because they didnt want their nukes to die
[11:51 AM]
and ops would be so late in planning that I would have to plan whole ops for the account in the space of an hour
[11:52 AM]
meanwhile getting shouted at from every direction
[11:52 AM]
the complete opposite of enjoyable experience.
[11:53 AM]
so we left Tooney for Ashens tribe to sit still awhile and eventually we said to heck with it and attacked Tom(this is the backstabbing part, i guess) and then eventually joined FHK
[11:54 AM]
But we never gave info away to helesta that hurt Tooney
[11:54 AM]
sorry for the story

titusphilcutt is under our protection. Legit, its a kid using one of our old accounts that we are trying to teach. Please be respectful.

Victory achievements
Winning Tribe

You vanquished World 44 with your tribe Free Hong Kong.

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1x Attacker of the day

Defeat the most units in this world as the attacker.

Best result: on 30.06.2020 (9.558 units)

4x Gatherer of the day

Scavenge the most resources in this world.

Best result: on 27.06.2020 (1.544.658 resources)

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